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Hand holding jig saw piece with lights come out from open puzzle. Words: We Meet Unmet Needs

We Meet Unmet Needs

Online Community

At Brain Network, we utilize a uniquely powerful combination of

education, peer-to-peer support, and an engaging community

to facilitate a path forward for survivors of acquired brain injury.  

Icon of hands holding a group of people andthe words Peer Support Helping survivors reach their goals though thier strengths
vector art of five people conneted with words:Social Connections Removing the isolation that accompanies brain injury
Image of hands holding a heart, words: Emotional Support providing empathy & encouragement helping individuals navigate recovery

Our free, private online community platform provides an answer to the isolation and confusion of a brain injury diagnosis. 

Through emotional, practical, and informational support, we cultivate a sense of belonging, ensuring survivors feel valued and upheld.

It is a place for practical advice, where survivors can get actionable tips on navigating their next steps forward as we travel this path together. ​

Within our online community platform, individuals can access weekly peer support groups, educational webinars and events, and self pace educational courses.

Brain Network Education & Programs

Image of hand holding gears with words Pratical assistance teaching life skills empowering survivors on their recovry path
Icon of hand under decorative art and words Information & resources helping individuals access he assistance they need
Vector art of hsotiptal bed, person in wheelchair and standing up with words: Rehabilitation encouragement enhancing recovery opportunity and improving quality of life

Live interactive webinars provided by neurology experts who share advancements in the science of brain injury and how to treat it, self-paced online courses, interaction with experts and professionals in the neurology community.

This educational forum collaborates with other nonprofits and academic institutions to provide local impact in communities nationwide.

Brain Network Advocacy and Public Education 

Image of three peole with megaphone and words: Advocacy & awareness creatign a more supportive & understanding society at a large
Vector art of a head with brain and words end the stigma and reduce stigma fostering acceptance & inclussion

The Brain Network champions practices that uphold cognitive equity and enhance public awareness. We actively advocate for policies geared towards expanding access to rehabilitation through legislative channels, illuminating a path for social reintegration and the development of essential life skills.

Our Reach Is Vast

Brain Network connects with more than

15,000 survivors across our social media channels.

Our associated Facebook pages encompass

Brain Network, TBI Groups, and TBINetwork.


Moreover, our monthly radio program, "I AM HOPE", aired on Brain Injury Radio, connects with over 135,000 community members.

Image of a women and a large dog. Logo: brain injury talk radio, Wrods:, I am hope, with Michele Kauffman
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