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Why Brain Network?

We see life through the lens of lived experience.

Millions of people are cut off from a second chance at life after brain injury. Many have delayed diagnoses and received inadequate cognitive rehabilitation, if any. As a result, survivors lose their livelihoods, jobs, and social relationships, leaving them feeling socially isolated.


Brain Network's solution is to connect survivors on our free private online community platform that provides daily 24/7 chat, peer support groups, educational opportunities, and resources. 

A private, safe, nonjudgmental community

Families can work from home to progress recovery

BN meets every survivor where they are with hope

Isolation ends immediately when survivors sign in to our online community platform

Peer support Quote from published statements

Let’s fix that together.




Brain Network has been shaped by over a decade of lived experiences, creating impact through a global lens.

In 2022, Brain Network, a 501(c)3, was formed by two brain injury survivors committed to providing solutions involving the focused use of an online platform;  building a pathway forward, bringing hope and resources to fill the unmet needs of this community.


As a nonprofit organization, our work connects the thousands of people in the acquired brain injury (ABI) and TBI community. A robust, reliable, and safe online community was created with a supply of free education, activities, and peer support to fill this nationwide need. We provide information and education to our community through our network of expert collaborators and peer support groups to alleviate social isolation. 


Access to our online community supports people reintegrating into society post-injury. 

Removing social isolation

Community reintegration

Empowering members with resources, peer support, education, community

Teach life skills to navigate life post injury

What we address

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