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Our Supporters And Collaborators

We extend our gratitude to our partners who assist us in creating pathways, fostering opportunities, and ensuring equitable access to a better quality of life for the brain injury community.

Equine Energy

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Please contact us if you would like to share your valuable expertise with our community.

If you're interested in contributing your valuable expertise to our community, feel free to reach out to us. Brain Network promotes a culture of resilience, support, and inclusion through collaboration, innovation, and community engagement.


We welcome volunteers and collaborators from diverse fields.

The Brain Network community platform brings together neurology and rehabilitation experts with similar organizations and nonprofits. Together, we're dedicated to improving the lives of ABI survivors by bridging care gaps and addressing disparities in this often overlooked community.

We're seeking volunteers and collaborators across various fields.

The Brain Network community platform unites expert neurology and rehabilitation professionals with like-minded organizations and nonprofits.

Voluntunteers: to lead webinars and seminars in the OT, PT and Slp field


Together, we're committed to transforming the lives of ABI survivors by addressing care gaps and eliminating disparities within this overlooked community.


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