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Corporate Sponsorships

There is a direct line from cognitive inequity to poverty and from poverty to the cognitive divide. The corporate sector is a critical partner in engaging in innovative solutions that will have broad social benefits.

Fists in Solidarity

At Brain Network,

we believe promotional and community engagement opportunities build both customer and consumer goodwill, helping people see your company as a positive force for good in the community.


Corporate sponsorships provide employers with an opportunity to champion an important cause for positive change, resulting in happier employees, a wider customer base, and a stronger, healthier community.


Together we can move beyond incremental change. We can create a future where everyone can thrive in education, social reintegration, and connectedness in our cognitively connected society 

Interested in Becoming a Corporate Sponsor?

Corporations that pledge to end the cognitive divide will be recognized by name and organization on our website and included in our quarterly press releases announcing new organizations who join.

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