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2023 Washington State
Program Proposals

Image by Zach Gilseth

 2024 Brain Network Washington state campaign programs to help acquired brain injury (ABI) survivors become more resilient, self-sufficient, and connected with their communities.


The ABI population is often forgotten as it is frequently an invisible injury that isolates, marginalizes, and has a devastating economic impact on people of all gender and race. 

Help Us Meet Our Goals!

1. "Making the Invisible Visible" Sunflower Hidden Disability Campaign

This campaign will raise public awareness that many people with an ABI are part of the hidden disabilities community and often have a non-visible impairment. We believe that the more our society understands this non-visible disability, the more we can help improve the lives of people with an ABI. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard ( is currently an integral part of the airline industry, enabling people with non-visible disabilities (including ABI) to access the support they need. This campaign would introduce the Washington State Transportation Department services to the hidden disability program, providing ABI survivors with assistance such as a helping hand, accommodations, understanding, or simply more time to board buses, ferries, and trains across the state.    

2. Brain Network WA Summer Fair

The Brain Network Summer Fair is scheduled on July 16th at Angle Lake Park, SeaTac, WA. This public awareness campaign invites the entire state of WA. The event will provide expert-led educational talks, printed resources, and access to WA state support groups for ABI survivors, their families, and the public. 

Goals are:

•Educating the public to bring cultural and social change, acceptance, and understanding

•Increasing awareness through education to prevent brain injury

• Reaching the vast community of people living with brain injury and their families and friends 

• Bringing a voice to people whose lives have been affected by brain injury

The event will provide expert-led educational talks, printed resources, and access to WA state support groups.


2024 Budget:

  1. Venue- $3500

  2. Printed resources- $1000

  3. Signage- $500

  4. Permit- $200

  5. Insurance- $750

  6. Music and entertainment- $800

  7. Invited speaker stipend- $1000

3. “Synergy in Motion”

Brain Network WA is forming a collaborative partnership with Synapse WA, the WA chapter of a college-based national nonprofit. The goal is to provide the ABI community with buddy programs that pair ABI survivors with local Synapse chapter college students to foster personal connections and help reduce social isolation. In addition, Synapse members will provide technology needs assessments for Brain Network WA members and assist ABI survivors with technology education to better participate in the Brain Network's online educational network platform.


5. Forgotten Circle

Forgotten Circle is the newsletter of TBI Groups, a Brain Network WA premier peer-led support group with 200 members and growing. TBI Groups meets weekly, and the gatherings provide resources and outreach to our underserved population. Many of these marginalized members have no access to the internet or technology and rely on a mailed hard copy of the Forgotten Circle newsletter. Our goal is to expand our reach nationwide.


6. Unmet Needs Outreach Newsletters 

These activity e-newsletters are emailed to Brain Network community members, WA state support groups, educators, and professionals. Our community of support groups grows daily with a goal to reach 50,000 WA residents in 2023. This outreach newsletter provides information on upcoming peer support, expert-led webinars, cognitive retraining classes, and online chat open 24 hours a day. Zoom activities include Yoga, Art, Qigong Energy classes, Mindfulness Training, Strategic Reading, Best Brain Nutrition, Morning Coffee Chat, Advocacy Groups, and TangoStride (TangoStride(TM) Technique boosts confidence and improves mobility – one step at a time – for people with mobility issues).

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