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Acquired brain injuries permanently debilitate 60 million people annually, leading to social isolation and loss of identity.

Our online platform provides brain injury survivors with a safe community to help improve cognitive abilities and build independent living skills.

Brain Network is here to help. 

Brain injury is widespread and debilitating.

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60 million people will be hospitalized or die from a brain injury this year, and it is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. One in three people will have a brain injury, and less than half will be diagnosed. Sufferers of brain injuries can experience memory problems, loss of cognitive functioning, loss of independence, and more. Less than 15% of people with an acquired brain injury receive the support and cognitive rehabilitation they need to lead productive life post-injury.

Brain Network unites science and advocacy with people.

Brain Network brings cutting-edge medical expertise, brain injury advocacy, and the lived experience of survivors to the same table.  Our networks connect brain injury survivors to one another in an authentic community, provide access to resources and education for navigating life after brain injury, and serve as a meeting point for research and policy leaders who are changing our approach to treating and living with brain injury.

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We are stronger together.


Community is how we thrive. We believe everyone who needs cognitive retraining should have access to it. Your generous contribution helps us connect resources, information, and education in order to help this marginalized population.

We are actively soliciting industry partnerships and corporate sponsorships to grow our impact.


Your donations make our mission a reality. 

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